Christmas Card Art Contest Winners

Mr. Stebbing just completed a 3 month season on the road teaching homeschoolers art in the north and northwest.  Since Christmas is near he had a art class for several of the last classes on designing a Christmas Card.  Congratulations to all who participated as the entrees were excellent!  And it really saddens him that he could only select a few.  Hope you agree, that the winners of this years Christmas Card contest did a great job!
Merry Christmas.

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Christmas with the Carmelite Sisters

First Come, First Serve!

Mr. Stebbing has just completed another class with the Sisters of Carmel and he is very pleased with the finished artwork done by the Sisters during this time. These icon paintings are on laminated wood and measure approx. 4”x7” and are hand-painted with bright acrylic colors.

Each is original and at this time, there are only a limited amount available for sale at $35.00 $20.00 each (plus S&H). To order, call 1.800.982.3729.

Pressed Flowers Blank Greeting Cards

Coming Soon! Each flower has been prayerfully picked and pressed to give you a tiny glimpse of the work of the Divine Artist. Let His Beauty, revealed to you from within the enclosed garden of Carmel, enrich your soul.

These blessed, original cards vary in design, therefore each selection may be different.

$2.50 ea. or $10.00 for a pack of 5. To order, call 1.800.982.3729

Please hurry! Supplies are limited.

Why Study Art History?

Mona Lisa Learning Art History stimulates the student intellectually, as it is rich in social & political history, as well as, languages & literature, philosophy and many other subject areas. When studying art, it is important to reflect on the work of the Masters—both artwork & writings.

How Great Thou ART has great resources for teaching Art History from a Godly perspective.

God & the History of Art is a two-volume, four-year curriculum for ages 10 & up that features an extensive survey of art history, supplemented with over 250 lessons.

In God & the History of ART DVD Series, Barry Stebbing journeys through the centuries offering biblical insights into the great art and artists of the ages.

Art & the Bible for Children Artwork

Once again, our granddaughters Naiya and Amelia (ages 7 & 9) attended our annual summertime get-together “Pappy’s Summer Camp.” They enjoyed spending another sunny week on our farm. Each morning we would read from Art & the Bible for Children and then give them art lessons to do after the Bible stories. It met with great success!

Please enjoy some samples from their lessons below.

In Christ,
Mr. Stebbing

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April Giveaway

Its that time again…

Mr. Stebbing is giving away a free copy of his How Great Thou ART II work book.

How Great Thou Art I & II DVD Bundle

How Great Thou Art I and II DVD Bundle
Ages: 12 & up

Anyone Can Learn to Draw!

Covers the lessons in How Great Thou ART I & II on beginning drawing, especially drawing from life. Barry goes over many of the fundamentals of drawing such as: line, ellipse, axis line, value, shading, light source, proportions, anatomy, perspective, portraits and much more! A must for every serious art student. Video set includes the HGTA 1 & 2 textbooks and supplies!!

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March Giveaway

This month Mr. Stebbing is giving a way a free copy of his Nature Drawing and Journaling DVD. In Nature Drawing & Journaling, artist Barry Stebbing offers insights on the process of rendering your meditations on God’s creation. With a small investment of time, your collection of drawings and writings can become a treasure for generations to come.

Nature Drawing and Journaling DVD

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HGTA Giveaway #1

Mr. Stebbing is pleased to announce the new HGTA Monthly Giveaway. Every month, we will give away free workbooks and supplies to winners drawn at random from those who comment on our giveaway blog posts.

For our first giveaway, we are offering three different products to three different winners.

Lambs Book of ART II How Great Thou ART II

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AFA Interview With Barry Stebbing

Mr. Stebbing has just completed production of his newest instructional DVDs with the American Family Association:

  • Beginning Watercolors (Ages 6 & Up)
  • Beginning Acrylics (Ages 6 & Up)
  • Beginning Oil Painting (Ages 12 & Up)

These DVD sets are still in post production, and will be available for sale soon. But in the meantime, enjoy this video interview from AFA.